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Engaged | Houston | One

Ashley and Rick.  Getting married in ...
January 12, 2013

Night | Water Wall Houston

I love this place.  It is sort of known as quinceaneraville but I think it is a beautiful place to photograph if you have a concept in mind.  This ...
December 11, 2012

Susan Ashley and Clarke – Houston Engagement Photography

This is Susan Ashley (or Smash for short) and Clarke.  When saying their names it is sometimes difficult to do so without a southern drawl (they ...
November 08, 2012

Going big. Large wall portraits with astonishing detail.

Shot this image of Megan and Clay with my Phase One IQ180 (80 mega pixels) this image is super sharp in the few details it has. It is the perfect ...
December 05, 2011

Rory and Beau – Houston Engagement Photography

This one image pretty much sums up my time with Rory and Beau. I just grin every time I look at it. Looking forward to spending a weekend in Cabo San ...
November 11, 2011

Lauren and Bryce – Houston Engagement Photography

Amazing light. Texas countryside. Young love. Phase One IQ180. This equaled the perfect recipe for a late summer engagement shoot with Lauren and ...
November 10, 2011

Vicky and Stephen – Destination Engagement – Vegas!

There’s nothing we love more than designing a shoot specifically for a couple. It’s the unique opportunity to document their romance in ...
April 15, 2011

Lindsay and Daniel – Houston Engagement

Beautiful. That is the word I would use to describe their relationship. So easy and comfortable with each other. We photographed their engagements in ...
March 09, 2011

Sarah and George – Houston Engagement

Grey’s Anatomy comes to Houston. Sarah (nurse) and George (neurosurgeon) met while attending a patient in the ER at Ben Taub General Hospital. ...
February 09, 2011

Sara and Jake – Houston Engagement Photography

Sara and Jake will be married in August. Here are a few snaps from their engagement session around City Centre (near our studio) and downtown around ...
November 12, 2010

Kristy and Chris – Houston Engagement Photography

Kristy and Chris will be getting married in February.  This was a Houston Engagement session to die for.  In fact we put together the most amazing ...
November 04, 2010

Jessica and Emmanuel – Houston Engagement Photography

August 31, 2010

Who Says Houston Does Not Have Beautiful Light?

We are shooting Lindsay and Riley’s wedding this weekend at Briscoe Manor out in Richmond.  Just thought I would share a snap from their ...
July 20, 2010

Kim and Preston – Houston Engagement Photography

Just a few images from Kim & Preston’s engagement session at Briscoe Manor, where they’ll be married early next ...
August 28, 2009

Melanie and Richard Engagement

April 24, 2009